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    Hot Tubs Q & A…


    At ABC We provide many area’s for hot tubs, and over the years have aquired a great deal of knowledge which is sometimes often overlooked when purchasing your hot tub. Here we provide some simply questions you need to think about before your purchase.


    • What Size Hot Tub you wish to buy and can you get it to the location you wish to install it. Remeber they don’t come flat packed
    • Is there sufficient drainage for cleaning
    • Is the an accessable water source
    • Do you have access to an electric supply
    • Do you want it under cover i.e. pergola or summer house etc.
    • Are you putting it on concrete, slabs,blocks or decking (Hot Tubs when full are over 1 tonne in weight!!!!)
    • If you are putting it at the end of the garden away from the house do you need a path or covered access for use in the winter
    • How will you get the hot tub into your garden if you don’t have sufficient access i.e. over the roof of the house with a crane.


    These are all the questions that need to be answered, sound complicated ?????

    No its as easy as ABC….

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